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Why should your kids learn to code?

22 December, 2021

            Why should your kids learn to code? - Inspirely | STEAM Education

Many parents might think coding is too complicated for kids to understand; however, according to CBC, four-and five-year-old kids can learn the foundations of coding and computer commands before they can even write and spell words. 

Now you might be wondering how your children can learn a complex subject like coding. To explain this, we have to understand what coding truly means. Coding is how people communicate with computers, and from there, learn how to build and run websites, apps, or games. Since most children can get familiar with new technology (smartphones and tablets) in their early childhood, they generally learn how to use these devices much faster than us. 

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One of my friends, Mariam, told me that her six-year-old child spends most of his time on his tablet and even downloads new games and apps by himself! Well, time to set parental control protection :-). But it’s time to replace our stereotypical thinking, which is, “coding is complex and scary,” with “it’s a fun and cool subject that every child can learn.”

So, what are the benefits of coding?

1. Improves creativity and problem-solving

    By teaching our kids how to code, we give them the chance to become creative and bring their imagination to life. They can use their imagination to express their thoughts & ideas. In coding, they learn different ways of dealing with problems, which should help them turn into problem-solving creatives in school.

    Source: pixabay.com

    2. Makes kids better risk-takers

    Sometimes, it takes time and effort to complete a project in coding. Therefore, students need to try many times and learn from their failures to get better results. Overcoming obstacles helps kids persevere and not be afraid of failure when facing a new challenge.

    Source: pixabay.com

    3. Develops computational thinking skills

    Learning to code means learning to communicate with computers. Unlocking creative & computing genius! With the help of texts, symbols, and signs, kids can break down complex ideas and arrange them. So that computers can understand.

    4. Helps kids prepare for their future careers

    According to Code.org, 71% of all new STEAM jobs are in computing, and as a result, kids who learn coding at an early age will have a considerable advantage in their future careers. 

    5. It's fun!

    Kids who learn to code will have a better chance to create a game, apps or a website by themselves. Even though this might be difficult at first, kids can bring their imagination into real life with the proper instructions.

    A mini game designed by an Inspirely student Lok Yi, grade 6 for a 3D Animation with Coding project.

    How to introduce kids to code?

    I believe, the best way to introduce coding is by story-telling approach and particularly when children are at young age of 6 to 14 years. At Inspirely Education, we have experience that when the children get opportunities and right learning environment, very often exceeds parents / guardian expectations.

    Children get new skill to express and bring their ideas to reality. Experience children friendly educators play key role too, while engaging & guiding children through exciting learning journey. 

    If you looking for after-school activities for your child, explore well structured after-school coding classes camps and events near you. It's never early to start raising genius. 

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