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For CHILDREN ages 7-14 yrs in Brampton West - Registration OPEN for in-person after-school STEAM education class! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.


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For children ages 8+ years | Fiber Optic Lamp - STEM / STEAM / Excellent Science DIY Kit | Holiday Christmas Corporate Gift for Employees | Ages 6-99 years

Perfect School Project or Gift Of Learning!

This easy-to-build Fiber Optic Lamp STEM / STEAM kits can be built by anyone from age 6+ years; children, adults, and even seniors! Creativity and developing problem solving skills has no age limit. Get these kits for you or someone you care about and help discover the building genius within.

  • Difficulty level: Easy to medium
  • Expected build time: ~ 20 to 40 minutes
  • Learning goal: Light travels down a fiber optic cable by bouncing off the walls of the cable repeatedly.

It's the perfect gift for learning; designed to promote creativity and empower problem solving skill. 

Suitable for following occasions and events:

  • corporate holiday / Christmas gift for families
  • Christmas gift for children events / parties 
  • hands-on team building activity for employees
  • ice breaker activity for high profile social networking events
  • Science and engineering school projects
  • fun raising events for schools
  • birthday gift
  • seniors club workshop activity; excellent alternative to playing cads.

Key Features:

  • available in retail pricing and also wholesale bulk buy
  • option to mix & match bundling with basketball catapult and fiber optic lamp kit at the same price. 
  • includes clear step by step paper instruction in clear english languages plus high definition video tutorials.
  • Special promo: For every three kits you purchase, you will receive one extra paint color set and one retail bag for free. If your order is above $250, you will get free shipping within Ontario; however, we cannot ship to PO boxes. Offer expire: Dec 31, 2023

Buy more, SAVE MORE

  • $31.95 / Kit - Buy 2 or more
  • $27.98 / Kit - Buy 5 or more
  • $24.95 / Kit - Buy 10 or more
  • $22.95 / Kit - Buy 20 or more
  • $20.95 / Kit - Buy 50 or more
  • $19.95 / Kit - Buy 100 or more

    How to Order?

    Select the number of kits you like to order, add to cart and complete check out. In case of any query or ordering 50+ kits, please call phone: +1 647 607 0170 or email: hello@inspirely.education. Thank you!

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