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For CHILDREN ages 7-14 yrs in Brampton West - Registration OPEN for in-person after-school STEAM education class! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.


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April 2023 Workshop | Personal Upliftment Career Area | How Does Brain Control Your Body?

The INSPIRELY passion discovery workshop series has been created to provide school-aged children with an enjoyable and playful introduction to a range of career fields. Through regular involvement in these workshops, we strive to aid the younger generation in uncovering their passions and finding potential career paths that they find appealing.

In this April workshop, we will be exploring the topic of "Rise and Shine - Personal Upliftment" and delving into how our brains control our bodies, as well as discussing potential career opportunities related to this area.

The human brain is truly remarkable, as it is responsible for controlling every action and decision we make. By exploring its complexities, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and discover new opportunities in life that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Would you like to have your child experience an unique evening of trivia and interactive activities? 

Join us for workshop where we will explore the role of the brain in receiving information from senses. This event is perfect for kids of ages 6-14 years!

Key Highlights:

  • Suitable for children age 6 to 14 years.
  • Learning about brain and senses
  • Related career opportunities discussions. 
  • Trivia Kahoot Game to WIN Cool Prizes & Certificate.
  • Online event; no drop off or pick up require!

WHEN: Sat, April 22, 2023 at 5 PM EDT

WHERE: Zoom Event (A Zoom joining link will be emailed to you 1 day before the event start date)

LENGTH: 90 Minutes


Registration will remain open while spots are available.

Note: This public event may involve videography and photography for promotional purposes. By signing up for the event, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or filmed during the event. Your image and/or likeness may be used in promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, websites, and other marketing materials. You may also be featured in broadcasts, including television, radio, and internet streaming services.

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