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Application Design for children | Online Classes | Group or 1-ON-1

Every is child is born creative. The challenge is to keep that creativity alive. Let your child join our program and see their first creation by yourself.

In this program children design their first hand application for smartphones using drag and drop components. They also take their first steps as digital creators with some guidance and support from our staff!


With 50+ design components, easy animations, limitless logic blocks, and open integrations – children design their first custom application. 

Key Features:

  • Children design their own native apps drag & drop editor components.
  • fast and fun way to realize kids app idea.
  • Triggering thought process in children to observe world around them.
  • Find problems to solve using app.

      The Inspirely Classes are designed to go at each student’s own pace without any peer pressure. Try 1 free trial class before enrolling for paid classes. 

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