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Learn Typing Skills | Online after-school classes | Group or 1-ON-1

You’ve heard it before: when you learn something new, your brain becomes more active for about an hour after the experience. Allow kids to enjoy learning typing skills online in this one-hour class every week with Inspirely Education!


With the help of well-curated lesson plans, children learn one of the most essential skills in their early years. This program is executed through the use of children-friendly typing tools.

  • Suitable for children age: 6 to 13 years! 
  • Available as a private or group class.
  • Age-appropriate group classes; age 6 to 9 years & 10 to 13 years. 



Being able to type efficiently enables children to express themselves & helps them develop crucial character traits of independence. As a result, they will have self-control and problem-solving skills that should help them throughout their life!

The Inspirely Classes are designed to go at each student’s own pace; no peer pressure. 

Sign up today and unleash their inner keyboard master in just one hour!