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Monthly Career Exploration ⮞

Discover Your Passion

Designed for students in grades 5-8, these interactive sessions explore diverse career paths, empowering young minds to make informed choices for their future.

Led by experienced instructors, our workshops foster critical thinking and global connections, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world opportunities.

It's a step towards developing girt and growth mindset, right from the school age!

Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

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DIY STEAM Building Kits ⮞

Building Hands-on Skills

In today's digital age, hands-on activities can fade amid flashy video games, yet they offer invaluable pride and learning.

Enter INSPIRELY's STEAM Building Kits, blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. With clear instructions and built-in challenges, they foster creativity and focus in your child.

They are suitable as school projects, innovative birthday gift, hobby activity & more.

Explore our DIY projects to ignite their curiosity and learning journey!

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Camps ⮞

Time to Enhance Skills

As Forbes highlights, summer break often leads to a 40% learning loss in children.

But what if we could turn this break into a time of growth and discovery?

From STEM challenges to creative projects. Join us at INSPIRELY Summer Camps 2024, where we combine enjoyable and educational activities designed to captivate young minds and elevate their skills to new heights!

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Online After-School Classes ⮞

Education of STEAM & Beyond

Step into a world where your child thrives on project-based challenges, enhancing essential skills, and unlocking their potential.

INSPIRELY's weekly after-school classes offer coding, robotics, typing, science, and more, catering to students from public, private, and specialized schools.

Whether in-person in Brampton, Ontario, or online, we customize learning to suit your needs.

Join us for an enriching educational journey of discovery and growth!

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STEM Program for Children in Brampton Ontario_INSPIRELY

⮜ In-Person After-School Classes

@ Brampton Triveni Mandir & Community Center

Explore the world of essential learning in person with INSPIRELY's after-school classes in Brampton West, Ontario.

Connect with passionate instructors and peers while diving into coding & robotics hands-on activities.

Our STEAM-focused curriculum fosters collaboration and community.

Join us for an enriching educational journey!

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Our elite teachers at INSPIRELY have got backgrounds from some top-notch companies, Canadian universities, and private schools.

And guess what? They're not just book-smart; they've got serious experience in teaching subject of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) & beyond.

Plus, they've mastered the art of making online learning fun! No chaos, just a great learning vibe.

Video Reviews

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Very nice interactive session. My kid enjoyed and learned about AI and ML today.

— Meenal Agarwal (Parent)

Good initiative and good learning. Explain the basic of subjects why student need to learn. I definitely refer to others.

— Nitesh Tailor (Parent)

Excellent Initiatives! Very Useful for kids. Novel way of Learning

— Nirav Patel (Parent)

My Kids really got inspired by Inspirely Summer Camp. Instructor was very friendly with the kids. Kids loved the way of teaching.

— Shilpa Patil (Parent)

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