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Our passionate, children-friendly educators come from elite companies, private schools, top Canadian universities and are well-trained to collaborate in small online collaboration minus chaos of typical distance learning. We also now offer in-person summer workshops option.

What is INSPIRELY | STEAM Education?

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Learn, share & public speaking

Learning about Pushes & Pulls with DIY activity

After-school classes

Using technology to express ideas & thoughts

New| STEM / STEAM Workshops for Children

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Involving Parents into Education

Fun educational & entertaining events

Learn, share & public speaking

Exploring out of world thinking & imaginations

DIY STEM / STEAM Kits for Children

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Photosynthesis Simplified

Keeping young minds curious & active

Developing life skills through practical projects

Growth Mindset & Problem Solving Atitude

INSPIRELY | Teacher teaching child STEM workshops for elementary middle school child

Meet Our Elite Educators

Our awesome teachers at INSPIRELY have got backgrounds from some top-notch companies, Canadian universities, and private schools.

And guess what? They're not just book-smart; they've got serious experience in teaching cool stuff like STEAM education. Plus, they've mastered the art of making online learning fun! No chaos, just a great learning vibe.

Ready to dive into some fun and learning?

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Let's collaborate to empower children!

We're more than just an education resource – we're your global partner in building a brighter tomorrow for your students.

Our workshops aren't about replicating typical classroom teaching; instead, they enhance and complement it. The goal? Helping children focus in school, improving grades, and making the learning journey a whole lot more exciting.

Let's partner on this exciting journey, create lasting connections, and pave the way for a better future! If you have any questions or are ready to host workshops, please complete and submit the form.

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after school enrichment classes, workshops camps programs for ages 6-14 years

Our Vision & Mission:


To become a globally preeminent after-school educational platform, easily accessible to all, that ignites purpose-driven education from a school age in a fun and playful manner, while empowering all those contributing to the cause.


In a rapidly changing digital landscape across industries, INSPIRELY programs cultivate a growth mindset and foster grit in elementary and middle school children.

We delve into diverse topics, explore real-world challenges and solutions, aiming to guide students in navigating their own successful career paths in emerging fields.

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