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Discovering Passion & Interest

Encourage your student participation in the well-curated passion discovery workshops to initiate the path of self-discovery (passion and interest), right from the school age!

These interactive workshops are designed for students in grade 5-8.

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Level up learning with DIY kits

Level up your students learning with these curriculum linked Do It Yourself (DIY) STEAM Building Kits!

These educational kits are designed for students in grades 1-8 to enhance hands-on skills, improve focus, fine more skills, boost self accomplishment & more.

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Your Workshop Options

Choose between two options: 1: have students enroll directly in INSPIRELY monthly workshops with minimal school admin work needed. We manage the workshop, you offer discount codes to interested students. 2: Organize exclusive workshops solely for your students, perfect for flexibility in scheduling.

Duration: 90 minutes | Format: Online | Ideal for students in grades 5-8

For schools, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations: A part of our revenue is given back as donations to support other initiatives within your institution.


  • 1 Workshops
  • Parents Save 15% with your exclusive discount code.
  • Redemption valid for 3 months from the purchase date.

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  • Select 3-5 Workshops
  • Parents Save 20% with your exclusive discount code.
  • Redemption valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

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  • Select 6-14 Workshops
  • Parents Save 25% with your exclusive discount code.
  • Redemption valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

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Exclusive Workshops

  • Exclusive workshops, just for your students.
  • We run entire workshop. However, your teacher should be available for coordination.
  • Exclusive educational institution pricing available.

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What format are the workshops offered in?

Our monthly and exclusive workshops are offered live online through the Zoom platform.

Additionally, we provide in-person workshops at select locations within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada.

Are the workshops recorded?

Our monthly workshops conducted via the Zoom platform are recorded for safety and program awareness purposes.

To make sure our private workshops stay special, we don't provide recordings of them. We'd really appreciate it if schools could help us protect this experience by not making their own recordings. However, if recording is absolutely necessary for your needs, please get in touch with us beforehand so we can discuss it.

Do students need to turn on their cameras?

Students have the option to turn on their cameras, but it's not mandatory. However, we encourage keeping the camera on for a more engaging experience.

Students can also actively participate through chat or microphone, depending on their comfort level.

What about student privacy?

Protecting student privacy is our top priority!

For your students joining our monthly workshops open to the public, they're covered by the same privacy policy as other individual students, with the added benefit of a special discount from your school.

In exclusive private online workshops, students' names may be visible during Zoom calls; we do not record sessions.

What's the teacher's role during the workshops?

Open to public monthly workshops are run entirely by our elite staff.

For exclusive private workshops, we give access as "co-host" on Zoom where you can manage your students (admit latecomers, mute/unmute), ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for everyone.

We believe a positive atmosphere fosters the best learning, so we appreciate your cooperation in keeping the chat and discussion respectful.

Do I need any permission forms?

To ensure everything is in order, please obtain any necessary permission forms required by your school for student participation.

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