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INSPIRELY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does STEAM stand for?

STEAM is an accredited learning model which is based on the five pillars: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Aerospace) and Math.

What is the difference between STEAM & STEM?

STEM involves the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology. Whereas, STEAM involves the additional element of Arts in it. Sometimes also replaced with Astronomy. At INSPIRELY, we believe that alongside knowledge and skills, individuals should also have a good heart; hence we have inclusion of art. It's STEAM education and not only STEM.

Why is STEAM education so important?

STEAM education promotes learning experiences that allow children to explore, question, research, discover, and exercise innovative building skills. Knowledge of these varied topics help children to understand this world better and eventually shape it better.

Why is project-based learning critical to the success of STEAM education?

With the help of simple, hands-on activities, students can learn the theory and also observe its real-world implementation. This will assist them in learning quickly and efficiently. Let’s not forget how fun it is to perform these activities along with friends and an expert educator.

Why does my child need to learn STEAM?

STEAM is a unique way of learning and this kind of exposure can widen a kid’s mind in an unimaginable manner. Children are born with gifts they don’t know about, yet STEAM education helps them to discover a plethora of skills and takes them closer to discovering what they are best at.

My child is more interested in arts, why do I need to teach them STEAM?

STEAM education is regarded as a promising style of teaching because it is not bound to a single realm but is an inclusion of multiple elements. Also, the century we live in requires competitive skills to stand out and STEAM education is the way to develop life skills to prepare next generation leaders, innovators, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Why should I start teaching coding from a young age? Isn't it too early?

The foundation of learning, personality and attitude is laid in the early years after the birth of a child. It is vital to nurture a child’s brain in the initial years to set the base correctly for future growth.

We introduce coding to children in fun and delightful way; by storytelling approach.

Out of all the programs listed, which is the best fit for my child?

Our programs are designed by keeping children age 6 to 16 years in focus and giving them solid educational foundation. Depending on children interest and age, we can help you select the perfect programs.

Do you provide any certificate of what children learn at the end of the course?

Yes, upon completion of each program, a certificate is awarded to the child.

Does my child need to complete the entire course to be eligible for the certification?

Yes, the entire program needs to be successfully completed to receive the certificate.

Do you offer any discount on fees?

We provide one trial classes for free.

We often run promotions for our royal email subscribers. So go ahead and sign up as email subscriber. For more information on this, please reach out to us on hello@inspirely.education

How long does each program run?

Each program is spread across 3-4 months with 15-20 sessions. Our after-school classes are 55 minutes per week.

I'm interested in a course for my child, but they are suggested over/underage. Can they still enroll in your classes?

Yes, but we need some commitment from parents. In fact, we do have kids from SK & grade 8. You can enroll your child in the trial class for her/him to check. If she/he is comfortable & enjoy learning, you can enroll them.

How do I register?

We encourage parents to submit trial class request through contact us form. During the last 15 of trial class, parents will have a 15 minute consultation to discuss what is expected and how the course will progress. You can also check classes brochure.

What will I get in the free trial?

During the free trial class, your child will get 45 minutes to get an idea of what the program has to offer and how to learning experience would be.

The final 15 minutes will be dedicated to a discussion with parents.

What are the basic requirements for enrolling?

The classes are conducted online, so you need to have a well working computer with stable internet connection, a webcam and microphone for joining the zoom session. A safe learning environment for your child to attend the class, virtually. The responsibility of child's supervision is remain with the person who register the child.

In-person after-school classes are set to begin in Brampton, ON, starting September 2023.

How will you conduct virtual classes?

The online classes are conducted via Zoom. We will provide secure login information upon enrolment.

How many students will be in one class?

We have max group class size 3 for coding programs. We also offer private 1-ON-1 classes. Speak to us for special offer.

What is the qualification of your instructors?

Our instructors come from elite industries and top Canadian universities with STEM/STEAM teaching background. Just like requirement of regulated schools, they are cleared with Vulnerable Sector Clearance for the safety of your child.

Will there be any homework?

No. However, students have a choice to do further practice during off-time. Students get rewarded with cool gifts from our INSPIRELY bank catalogue program. Speak to INSPIRELY associate for details.

What if my child misses a class?

Please refer INSPIRELY | refund, make-up class policy.

Will my child be asked to share a computer screen?

Yes, if your child needs an assistant for the tasks. It’s normal in an online education environment for the instructors to ask. If you’ve any concerns, please let us know in advance. We strongly advise not to keep any confidential information easily accessible. INSPIRELY has strict compliance with instructors. However, we will not be liable for any loss or damages as some situations are beyond control of technology and humanly possible.

Do the parents need to be there during the on-going class?

Yes, we encourage the parents to be with the kids at least during the trial class. Remember: responsibility for your child’s supervision & providing a safe working environment remains completely with parents / guardians / registering person.

If I enroll my child in more than one class, do I get a special rate/additional discount?

Yes, we do offer multiple classes registrations and/or siblings discount.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer our refund policy for camps and after-school programs.

Can I have combine multiple classes in one workshop?

Yes, you can. Our recommended online live classroom size is 150 students with minimum 5 teachers available to assist our host in moderating classes. We can host more students but then it will have to be webinar format and it can accommodate up to 9975 students.

When will I receive my workshop’s Zoom link? I can’t find my workshop’s Zoom link.

You will receive two emails: one 24 hours before your session and one an hour before your session. We suggest checking your spam or junk folder as well. If you are unable to find the emails, please reach out via email: hello@inspirely.education and we’d be happy to send your workshop’s link. 

If you opt-in, you will also receive an SMS or text notification one hour before your session begins.