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March-break camps 2023 registrations open now! For children ages 6-14 Years

3D Animation with Coding | Online Class

Children learn & enhance digital skills by working on 3D animation (optional VR & AR) based projects. Through their own creations, children enhance their imaginations and critical thinking skills.


Your child gets the chance every week to express imagination and visualize his or her own creations utilizing 3D animation with coding. There is also the option of using virtual reality. 


  • Designing virtual exhibitions
  • Create Solar System!
  • Create immersive 360-degree virtual tours!
  • Develop your own games!
  • Create interactive stories and more

CHARACTER BUILDING: Curious & Engaged Child

3D animation with coding program lesson plans are highly engaging. Thanks to high-resolution animation, students remain curious about what's coming up next.A well-crafted project triggers creative thinking & imagination, every week.

The Inspirely Classes are designed to go at each student’s own pace; no peer pressure. Try 1 free trial class before enrolling for paid classes. 

Sign up today and unleash their inner imagination!

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