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March-break camps 2023 registrations open now! For children ages 6-14 Years

Coding Basics with Google | Online Classes

This program introduces coding to children in a fun and delightful way using lesson plans developed by Google. Our passionate LIVE coach will introduce and guide your child through each lesson plan. 


Every week, your child will get an hour of creative coding time with Canadian educators in the online classroom. Your child will use scratch programming software to think creatively, express ideas, and learn the essential coding skill.

We use project-based coding in our lesson plans to spark imagination & introduce coding in a fun & delightful way.

CHARACTER BUILDING: Curiosity & Independence

Children learn that using electronic gadgets is more than just playing games on the Internet, and that's great fun as well! When learning skills, a solid educational foundation boosts self-confidence and independence.

    The Inspirely Classes are designed to go at each student’s own pace without any peer pressure.

    Consider giving your child a chance to try a free private class before enrolling in a weekly group class or 1-ON-1 sessions.

    Sign up today and unleash their coding genius!

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