Scratch Coding Intermediate | For children ages 6-14 Yrs | Weekly Classes | Monthly Fee

Fee Options: Weekly Group Classes

  • $129.95/Month | Monthly payment 
  • $124.95 /Month | 3 Months payment

 Fee Options: Weekly Private Classes

  • $179.95/Month | Monthly payment 
  • $174.95/Month | with 3 months payment 
  • $169.95/Month | with 5 months payment

In case of query, please contact via email: hello@inspirely.education or phone: 647-607-0170.


This is a intermediate level scratch coding program where children work on coding projects connected to real life experiences. 

What Will Your Child Do?

Your child get 55 minutes every week expressing ideas and imagination through coding along with Canadian Educators! 

Your child will create different projects based on topics like jungles, birthday greetings, TV shows, and more using well known children friendly coding software Scratch! Children bring their real-life conversations & ideas into the classroom. And using coding skills, they make it alive in virtual world.

In comparison to coding basics, here children start to work more independently.

Key Features:

  • Students start working more independently while learning basic concepts of coding in fun and delightful way. 
  • Learn from Live Canadian educators. 
  • Weekly online highly engaging classes. 
  • Student work on their own pace; no peer pressure. 
  • The group class of max 3 students. 
  • The fee mentioned is per month. One classes (55 minutes) / week.
  • There will be no classes on statutory holidays of Ontario, Canada including civic holiday and remembrance day.  
  • Speak to us for additional complimentary benefits.

CHARACTER BUILDING: Independence & Logical Thinking

This course should help your child stay curious, foster their creativity, logical thinking while they express ideas and imagination.

Refund Policy:

Please refer link here.

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