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Sat, Jan 20, 2024 | Live Science Workshop for Grade 3-8 Students | With US & Canada Based STEAM Educators

Welcome to INSPIRELY's Scientific Thinking Workshop!

This interactive workshop is meticulously crafted for students in grades 3-8, aiming to ignite scientific curiosity, emphasize the importance of learning science, delve into related rising careers, and, most importantly, establish the crucial link between scientific exploration and school education.

Join from anywhere globally, ensuring the workshop aligns with your local time zone. To check your local time, you may use a time zone conversion calculator here.

What Will Your Child Do?

  • Explore captivating science-based discoveries.
  • Investigate how scientists gather knowledge and information.
  • Learn about the Scientific Method and its application in exploring the unknown.
  • Discover science-related rising careers and their direct connection to school education.

Purpose of the workshop:

This workshop is a pivotal part of our commitment to purpose-driven school learning, with a specific focus on the fascinating realm of science. It's a step towards nurturing the spirit of inquiry and innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn from experienced STEM/STEAM educators and industry professionals from US & Canada.
  • Join from anywhere globally, ensuring the workshop aligns with your local time zone.
  • Tailored for grades 3-8, this live workshop is crafted to suit a diverse age range.
  • Explore new topic and career field every month!
  • Empower purpose-driven education.
  • Engage in a fun trivia Kahoot Game for assessment and win exciting prizes.
  • Each participant receives a participation certificate.

WHEN: Saturday, January 20, 2024, at 9:30 AM EST (US & Canada)  8 PM India Time, 6:30 PM Dubai, UAE Time, 2:30 PM UK Time.

WHERE: Zoom Workshop (The Zoom joining link will be emailed to you one day before the workshop start date)

LENGTH: 90 minutes


Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you can add it to the cart and complete the checkout, it means spots are available.

Refund Policy:

Thank you for choosing INSPIRELY workshops! Since these are group sessions, we don't provide refunds or makeup sessions, regardless of the reason.

Your understanding and support contribute to keeping our prices low and enhancing the learning experience. We appreciate your support & participation in our community!

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