INSPIRELY at School Program | Passion Discovery Workshops

INSPIRELY at School Program: 

Welcome to the inspiring world of INSPIRELY!  We're a purpose driven Canadian education start-up on a mission to empower young minds on a mass scale with the skills & mindset they need to succeed in their future careers. Our highly engaging live passion discovery workshops with Canadian educators provide a unique platform for children ages 8-14 years to explore various career fields right from their school years, nurturing their passions and interests.

Collaborating with educators, parents, and influencers, we're committed to shaping the thinking orbit of young minds with the skills and mindset they need to excel. From school teachers, not for profit organization leads, community leaders to corporates with CSR initiatives, our circle grows with every success story.

How to register?

  • Select the number of students you like to sign up for workshop - min 25 students are requited to run the workshop -> complete checkout -> we'll reach out to you and provide a registration link which you can send to your selected students / parents.

Resources To Explore:

    Key Features: 

    • Use these workshop to enhance your student's curriculum linked classroom learnings.
    • Empower your student to focus in school learning and improve grades. 
    • Excellent educational resource to spark curiosity and innovative thinking. 
    • Learning various careers right from the school ages in fun and playful way. 
    • Boost your school/corporate brand image as socially responsible; committed to the community you serve. 
    • Boost your school fundraising efforts. 
    • Assist your STEM/non-STEM teachers by providing extra helping hand. 

    Refund Policy: 

    • Due to the low cost of our workshops, we do not offer refunds on paid fees.
    • If you like to postpone scheduled workshops, we require 48 hours prior notice. 

    please also check FAQ for more details. 

    All communication must be sent in writing email to: hello@inspirely.education.