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Elevate Your Kid's Coding Skills - Canadian Educated Scratch (Advanced) Tutors Await You

Scratch Coding advance after-school program is designed to take your child coding skill to next level with scratch coding extension functionalities like text-to-speech, subtitles, motion sensing etc.

What Will Your Child Do?

This is the advanced coding program where children can work & learn using scratch extensions such as music, pen, video sensing, text-to-speech, translate etc. They will be using these extra functionality while telling their own story through coding.

Our expertly designed lesson plans feature project-based coding in exciting categories like animations, day-in-a-life, me & my family, imaginative storytelling, and more.

Key Features:

  • Students start working more independently while learning basic concepts of coding in fun and delightful way. 
  • Learn from Live Canadian educators. 
  • Weekly online highly engaging classes. 
  • Student work on their own pace; no peer pressure. 
  • The group class of max 3 students. Make it private 1-ON-1 by adding just $75/month.
  • The fee mentioned is per month. One classes (55 minutes) / week.
  • There will be no classes on statutory holidays of Ontario, Canada including civic holiday and remembrance day.  
  • Speak to us for additional complimentary benefits.

CHARACTER BUILDING: Curiosity, Creative & Logical Thinking

Our program ignites creativity and fosters imaginative thinking as your child tackles theme-based projects. As they progress in their coding abilities each week, your child will develop their logical thinking through engaging, stimulating projects.

Unlock your child's coding potential by signing up today!

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