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March-break camps 2023 registrations open now! For children ages 6-14 Years

Scratch Coding (Advanced) | Online Class

Scratch Coding advance after-school program is designed to take your child coding skill to next level with scratch coding extension functionalities like text-to-speech, subtitles, motion sensing etc.


This is the advanced coding program where children can work & learn using scratch extensions such as music, pen, video sensing, text-to-speech, translate etc. They will be using these extra functionality while telling their own story in a virtual world.

Our well-crafted lesson plans includes project-based coding with categories such as animations, day-in-a-life, me & my family, imagination boosting stories  & more.

CHARACTER BUILDING : Curiosity, Creative & Logical Thinking

Imagination & ideas are sparked as your child works on different themes-related projects. While they enhance coding skills each week, students will work on projects that stimulate logical thinking.

Try free class before paid enrolment. 

The Inspirely classes are designed to go at each student’s own pace without any peer pressure. Try 1 free trial class before enrolling for paid classes. 

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