AI & ML Robotics | For children ages 9-14 Yrs | Weekly Classes | Monthly Fee

Fee Options: Weekly Group Classes

  • $129.95/Month | Monthly payment 
  • $124.95 /Month | 3 Months payment

 Fee Options: Weekly Private Classes

  • $179.95/Month | Monthly payment 
  • $174.95/Month | with 3 months payment 
  • $169.95/Month | with 5 months payment

In case of query, please contact via email: hello@inspirely.education or phone: 647-607-0170.


What Will Your Child Do?

In this dynamic course designed for children ages 9-14, your child will embark on a journey of discovery in the fascinating world of AI and ML. They will learn how to code and bring their imagination to life as they work on cutting-edge AI-powered children friendly online tools and private robotics kit. 

Our experienced Canadian educators will guide your child as they delve into real-world AI and ML concepts and develop their own projects. Your child will get hands-on experience as they build projects that recognize text, faces, and objects, create voice-controlled AI bots, train models to make amazing projects, and more!

Key Features:

  • Compare to our other AI & ML course, here Children receive their own private robotics kit (extra one time fee apply)
  • Students learn basic concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning in hands-on playful way. 
  • Learn from Live Canadian educators. 
  • Weekly online highly engaging classes. 
  • Student work on their own pace; no peer pressure. 
  • The group class of max 3 students. Make it private 1-ON-1 by adding just $75/month.
  • The fee mentioned is per month. One classes (55 minutes) / week.
  • There will be no classes on statutory holidays of Ontario, Canada including civic holiday and remembrance day.  
  • Speak to us for additional complimentary benefits.

This class offers a safe and supportive environment where your child can grow their skills and unleash their technology genius. 

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