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Young Engineers | Online Class

This program gives your child practical hands-on building experience of awesome STEAM education kits! Your child get well curated educational kit / activity boxes with steps by step instructions (English) every month (Canada Only). This should help them develop building mindset, problem solving attitude & fine motor skills as they as they build, test and verify functionality of projects. An adult help & supervision is required. 


Children build Do It Yourself (DIY) engineering-based building projects every week. We supply activity box. Your child will have up to an hour every week with our live Canadian educator to learn & build project; all by staying safe at home. Children might need an adult help to complete project on-time. 


  • Suitable for children age 9 to 13 years. 
  • Foster building & constructive mindset through creative projects. 
  • Real-life durable model building projects.
  • Hands-on projects through guided steps.
  • We deliver kits every month to your doorstep!
  • Children develop problem-solving attitude & fine motor skills.

CHARACTER BUILDING: Confidence & Problem solving

The overall purpose of the program is to boost children's confidence level through hands-on activities that foster a constructive mindset and feelings of self-accomplishment.

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